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Chronic Pain

Professional Chronic Pain Support Service
Please click on the icons below to view the information with regard to Chronic Pain, our team are here to help and there is also a link to our support programme that has been designed to help you overcome your condition and reduce your daily suffering from Chronic Pain.
Support Programme

Join Our Support Programme

You don't have to suffer in pain alone our support programme is designed to offer guidance, help and management of your condition. Click the link below for full details of the support we can offer you and let us help you today

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Self Care Programme

Self Care Programme For Chronic Pain Conditions

Take Advantage Of Our Free Self Care Programme.

If you are suffering from Chronic Pain our self care programme can offer you relief and you can get free access immediately. 

Which includes:

Mind-Body Practices, Physical Activity

Pain Journal, Hot and Cold Therapy

Sleep Hygiene, Nutrition

Social Support plus lots more

And you can download our free digital book about self care packed with great advice and useful tips.


Self Care Programme