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Discover Relief with the Chronic Pain Support Programme

Are you or a loved one suffering from the relentless burden of chronic pain? The Chronic Pain Support Programme is your beacon of hope, offering a proven solution to the agony and frustration that chronic pain brings. We understand the struggles you face, and we are here to help you regain control of your life.

The Problem: A Life Hindered by Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a daily battle for millions of people around the world. It’s more than just a physical sensation; it affects every aspect of your life:

1. Physical Agony: The constant pain can make even the simplest tasks excruciating, robbing you of the ability to move freely and enjoy life.

2. Emotional Turmoil: Chronic pain takes a toll on your mental health, causing anxiety, depression, and a sense of hopelessness.

3. Isolation: Dealing with chronic pain can make you feel isolated and disconnected from friends and family, leading to a loss of social support.

4. Financial Stress: The costs associated with treating chronic pain can be overwhelming, often leaving individuals and families in financial distress.

5. Loss of Independence: Chronic pain can make you dependent on others for basic tasks, reducing your quality of life and autonomy.

The Solution: Chronic Pain Support Programme

We understand that chronic pain is a complex and individual experience. Our Chronic Pain Support Programme is a comprehensive, personalized solution designed to address the multifaceted challenges you face.

1. Holistic Pain Management: We provide a tailored approach to managing your pain, integrating evidence-based techniques to reduce discomfort and improve your physical well-being. Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to find the most effective strategies, including physical therapy, medication management, and alternative therapies.

2. Emotional Support: Dealing with chronic pain can be emotionally draining. Our programme includes counseling and support groups to help you cope with the emotional aspects of your pain. You’ll learn strategies to manage stress and regain a sense of control over your life.

3. Community and Connection: At Chronic Pain Support Programme, you’ll join a community of individuals who understand what you’re going through. Sharing your experiences and insights with others who face similar challenges can be profoundly healing. This sense of community will help you overcome the isolation that often accompanies chronic pain.

4. Financial Relief: We understand the financial burden that comes with managing chronic pain. Our programme offers information on financial resources and strategies to help ease the financial stress you may be facing. We’ll connect you with experts who can guide you through navigating the complex world of insurance and healthcare costs.

5. Regain Independence: Our goal is to help you regain your independence and live life to the fullest. We offer guidance and support to help you regain your mobility and self-sufficiency, empowering you to take control of your daily activities.

How Chronic Pain Support Programme Benefits You

By joining the Chronic Pain Support Programme, you will experience profound benefits that can transform your life:

1. Pain Reduction: Our holistic approach to pain management will help you experience relief and regain your physical well-being.

2. Emotional Healing: You’ll learn effective strategies to manage the emotional toll of chronic pain, helping you regain a positive outlook on life.

3. Connection: You’ll become part of a supportive community, where you can share experiences and build meaningful relationships with people who understand your journey.

4. Financial Relief: We provide valuable information and resources to help you navigate the financial challenges associated with chronic pain.

5. Regain Independence: Our programme is designed to help you regain your independence and live a fulfilling life on your terms.

Take Action Today!

Don’t let chronic pain control your life any longer. The Chronic Pain Support Programme is your path to relief, connection, and independence. We have helped countless individuals break free from the grip of chronic pain, and we are here to guide you towards a brighter future.

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Your Journey to a Pain-Free Life Begins Here

The Chronic Pain Support Programme is your compass on the path to a pain-free life. We are here to support you every step of the way, offering personalized solutions, a community of understanding individuals, and the promise of a brighter future.

Join us today and embark on your journey to a life unburdened by chronic pain. Your new beginning awaits!

What's Included Within The Programme

Chronic Pain Support

The most comprehensive support programme delivered by Chronic Pain experts.

24/7 Support

An evidence-based programme helping you to understand the complex nature of chronic pain.
24/7 access to learning materials, workbooks, meditations, and resources within your membership portal

Support Modules

Weekly modules relating to the core elements of chronic pain including: the physiology of pain, the psychological nature of pain, supporting others who live with chronic pain, chronic pain and amputation etc….

Community Support

A safe, exclusive and encouraging Facebook community Weekly Question & Answer forums – giving you quick answers and support from Joanne Wright - the chronic pain expert.

Guest Speakers

Fortnightly guest speakers who share their wisdom relating to specific issues which impact chronic pain, including nutrition, exercise, medication, physiotherapy, acupuncture, relationships and money management.

Monthly Webinars

Monthly webinars focusing upon specific chronic pain topics. Live trainings within your own membership portal. Priority access to new resources, podcasts and exclusive membership events.

Online Shop

Library of mindfulness and relaxation podcasts, videos. Online shop professionally sourced products to assist sufferers of Chronic Pain

Limited Time Offer With Life Time Access

Take action today and join the most comprehensive support programme for persons suffering from Chronic Pain

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Your Questions Answered

I’m not sure if I am in the right place to do this yet

We appreciate that starting a new programme may seem overwhelming and often
people want to wait until the time is ‘right’. We truly believe that there is no time like
the present. Life is always full of unexpected obstacles and daily challenges. Our
support programme will help you towards living your best life with tools, resources,
and support around you.

When you sign up and purchase the programme you will be redirected to the members area where you will be able to create your own username and password.

Once logged in you will be able to access all areas of the membership portal.

Our experience is that members are impressed with the content and breadth of
information within our support programme. However, should you be displeased at
any time, please do reach out to us and we will gladly discuss this with you.

All types of chronic pain are supported within our programme. This includes acute
and chronic pain, pain from injuries, disease, and musculoskeletal pain.

Definitely! We know how difficult it can be when you are caring for someone living
with pain. Our community of members includes carers, and we provide resources
and seminars to help you too.

We understand that medication often plays a role in pain management. In addition to
this, there are a range of treatments which can help reduce and alter your pain
experience. This can include physical therapy, mindfulness, and psychological

The community support also available as part of this chronic pain support
programme is invaluable. Our closed Facebook group will allow you to connect with
other people, across the world, who truly understand chronic pain.

We truly believe there is always hope! Regardless of the type of condition you are
living with, the way in which we view our experience, and our pain is critical. By truly
understanding the nature of chronic pain; you will be empowered to consider your
options and to really understand the mind-body connection and the psychological
nature of pain.

Yes! As a Chartered Psychologist, I believe it is critical that the support we provide to
you is evidence-based. All experts are qualified in their field, and many have lived
experience of chronic pain too. We are constantly driven to keep up to date with new
initiatives and techniques, thus giving you reassurance that our information is

Limited Time Offer With Life Time Access

Take action today and join the most comprehensive support programme for persons suffering from Chronic Pain

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